Photograph by Steve Withington - Gran CanariaPhotograph by Steve Withington - Gran Canaria - FlowersPhotograph of flowers by Steve WithingtonPhotograph of autumn leaves by Steve WithingtonPhotograph of Ecclesall Woods by Steve WithingtonPhotograph of flowers by Steve WithingtonPhotograph of Peak District by Steve Withington


Steve photographs rocks, trees, flowers and people

Drawn to Sheffield decades ago, Steve loves to photograph the landscape around him. In the 1990s he was working with silver halide printing, and often exhibited his black and white prints of the Peak District in impromptu exhibitions on the streets of Sheffield. There are plans to eventually reprint the large body of  work in the Peak District from 1989-2001.

These days Steve’s work is entirely digital, and he is particularly fond of the Moss Valley, which lies south of Sheffield, and is a very special place indeed.

Steve also paints monkeys, plays bass guitar (badly) and is a chess player.

If you are interested in buying prints please use the contact form, email or phone Steve.

Gran Canaria

Flowers from Gran Canaria